Knockout Collision Repair

The sedan is back!

It was a long month for me, as I was not driving the STedan. As I told you all in the VMaxx post, the Focus was in a bit of a fender bender, and Geico was able to get it into the body shop very fast. The thing is, the timing of the accident did not help whatsoever. With Christmas and New Years happening immediately following the accident, it pushed the finish date back which is totally understandable. They relayed this to me right away, so my expectations were set to get the car back within a month or so.

Knockout was a breeze to work with. Gary, who helped me from the initial quote all the way to handing me the keys, did very well at his job. He kept me in the loop, listened to my requests, and was even able to send me pictures during the repair process.



The whole rear body panel needed to be taken off in place of a new one. It definitely looks like a difficult task.


This was about a week or so before I got the car. The trunk, rear body panel, and rear quarter all needed to be fixed. The last picture really shows how well they did with the repair. Luckily, the rear quarter panel did not need to be cut, and replaced with a new one. Rather, they only returned it back to its original shape. After this, they only needed to finish up the shaping and into the paint booth it went!

It was only 5 days later that I was able to pick the car up. Thankfully, Dakota was able to go with me so that I could return my parents’ Yukon. Dakota was actually the first to drive the car after the repair!


OH YEAH! Look at that rear end! I have always loved the rear of these cars, and a freshly painted rear end was so nice to see.

Two valance clips had broken off upon the initial impact and I asked Gary if it would be possible to have them fixed because of the rare nature of the valance. They attempted it, and a few days later (Friday I believe), I found one of the clips on the ground of my garage. The clip not being on there caused the valance to have a pretty decent gap. As you can see below, the gap between the bumper and the valance was definitely noticeable.


The very next Monday, I returned to the shop, and asked Gary if something could be done. He asked me to return the next day so his techs could figure it out. They found out that the problem was the fact that the valance was longer than the bumper. The clip must have broken off because of the stress that the bumper was putting on it. So, they decided to heat the bumper and stretch it. It now sits perfect!


Another issue that was plaguing the car was an ABS issue. The issue that was happening about a year ago, with my brake, ABS, Traction Control, and Hill Start Assist lights all coming on, was causing my speedometer to drop. Thankfully, Mike at RDC was able to help me out. At first, I thought it was the ABS Module like last time. The thing is, last time the lights would come on as soon as the car turned on. This time, the lights would take about 5 minutes of driving to have them come on.

I told Mike about the issue. So, Mike let me know that a wheel speed sensor was probably not working. He sent me two new front sensors and wires, and the issue seems to have gone away. I am going to give it a few more days just to be sure. I am about 90% sure that the issue is fixed though. So, another huge thanks to Mike for sending me parts. I have always been able to count on him for parts I need.

The Focus is just about ready for Slammed Fest this Friday, which is being put on by a local car club named Redemptionz. Should be a fun time, and I will be covering the meet here on the blog. The Focus’ front-end look is being updated, and I can’t wait to show everyone, as it’s a whole new look! Thanks for tuning in, and GodSpeed!



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