Spring Updates and Spring Roll Out

Hey all,

It’s been a long few months since I have logged in to update the blog. I believe it has been since the end January. A lot has happened since then. I have made some poor choices, and have also lost a few very important things in my life. I won’t get into specifics though.

So unfortunately, I have not had the will power to update the blog, even though I wanted to. Now, my aim is to pick myself up and dust myself off. Well, I am back, and have made the decision to return to college! My plan is eventually get a bachelor’s of science in the engineering program at CSU Chico. My goal is to end up at Ford’s engineering program. At the same time, I have decided to aim for the stars and try to play college soccer again, and see where that takes me as well.

The blog might not be updated with as much posts of the Focus for a while, since I will not be pouring too much money into the car anymore. Although, my aim is now to cover others’ builds, and keep the blog fresh with events that are local to me.

The Focus has been running great though! Save for a recurring ABS issue that keeps coming up, but it’s a minor issue. It looks exactly the same except for the fact that it’s very dirty and the paint has tons of swirls. I plan to do a polish and wax at some point in the future.

To kick off the Spring Roll Out meet coverage, let’s start with a picture of the Focus! As you can see not much has changed, and the front bumper is now very stock. The cup spoilers were sold to a Race Red ST owner. I may or may not end up with a new front lip, but only time will tell. Next to the Focus is David’s very clean Charger. A quick note: I did not edit these pictures as I really wanted to capture a feel of the night and how it went. The pictures are a bit darker, but they give you a feel for the atmosphere of the meet.


The meet had kicked off in the Wendy’s parking lot. It looked to be a good size, since we had from Wendy’s all the way to Sportsman’s Warehouse to park. The meet was growing at a very fast rate too. Every five minutes or so, a few cars or trucks would roll in together and find a place to park.


Team Aristide’s corner. I am now a member of team Aristide and look forward to covering their meets, and shows as well!


This Datsun was so cool! I wouldn’t mind taking one out for a spin sometime soon!


Angrrry Miata is angry!


If I didn’t pick up an F-150 or 250, I’d most likely pick up a Cummins. This one had a very aggressive presence, and that front bumper looks awesome. I’m personally not a fan of light bars, but they can be very useful in the backroads and dirt roads around here.


Right after I took this picture, I had made the decision to go home to go drop the rear of the car all the way down for the limbo contest. Good thing too, because the police actually had to kick us out. It wasn’t because anything was going wrong, but because the hosts, Team Redemptionz, couldn’t get the permits for the meet to go through. The meet was so big, that we kind of needed those permits to continue. So, everyone made the short trip to our normal Friday spot, Boot Barn. We have weekly meets at the parking lot there, but not nearly as big as this one!


Dab on ’em bruh! My good friends Gabe and Panch, who aren’t really car guys, had decided to tag along too. We all had a pretty fun time.  This was in my garage while lowering the rear of the car.





Back at Boot Barn, the meet had taken over the smaller parking lot. I met up with some Willows friends. My friend Kike, had shown up with his Audi. The white wheels were actually painted by him. He did a very great job, and I feel that the white on white looks very clean!


Fernando and Edgar showed up with their rides from Willows as well! Fernando’s Evo is a stock Evo 8. It also happens to be an MR. It’s dropped on Tein coilovers and riding on stock wheels I believe. Edgar’s TC looks like a Stormtrooper with the white and black look going on.


A few of Redemptionz cars dropped way low.


Hardpark’s M3 is such a cool car to see in person. The functional aero and yellow accents really make this car pop. Now on to the limbo contest!


So, the object of the limbo contest is easy. Lowest car wins! You can do whatever is necessary to drop your car.


As you can see, even the slightest amount of low helps. It can come down to millimeters at times.


Like I said, whatever you can do to get your car low! As you can see, my friend Luis’s Miata was packed full of people! I have seem people let air out of tires, and pack people in trunks. It gets competitive very fast!


This was the winning car, another Miata. This one and Luis’s were going back and forth. This Miata won by maybe half a millimeter. It was a close contest!


Luis is another friend out of Willows, and I wanted to capture a shot of his car since it’s so dang low. The front tires are literally almost rubbing the frame.

That’s it for this meet! On to the next event, which should be the Metal Of Honor Fusion car show. It’s a show that will raise support for the Wounded Warrior Project. Thanks for tuning in, and I really appreciate the support! Have a great day and GodSpeed!



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