June Update

Hey all! 

So, I realize it’s been several months since I have posted here. I plan on finally updating the blog regularly again. The car hasn’t changed all that much, besides a few small things. 

The first is that the freshly powdercoated Works are back on! They got some official Work decals as well to give it that little extra pop as well. 

I installed rear camber arms, rear toe arms, and a TurboSmart blow-off valve as well. I got my alignment in check so that the new tires would finally not get eaten up within a few weeks. At the start of the year, just after my last post actually, my car was unfortunately broken into and my Accessport was stolen. I have since then replaced it, and am boosting away with choo-choo noises as well! 

I have a few more things to cover, but I’ll save that for future posts. I also want to announce that today, as I write this post, my ST swap has officially been paid for! I’m so happy to finally have that off my shoulders and begin to mod the engine and a few other things to get this car even more track focused! A full review of the car as it sits as a stock swap will be done for the site. 

I also want to announce that I plan to journey back to Canada to join Bill, Mario, and the rest of the Official ThreeTwenty crew for Illmotion Sunday School! I will do the show coverage like last year and an all around summary of the trip again! 

Thanks for tuning into this quick update! GodSpeed!



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