San Francisco International Auto Show- Part 2

Hey everyone!

It’s been a bit slow lately because winter is now in full swing. With the Focus still in the body shop, I haven’t even been able to do a review for the VMaxx coilovers.  So, I am glad I was able to save this post for this slow period. Let’s start off with a bang!


Upon entering the show, these beautiful pieces of artwork are the first thing you see. Two exceptional hypercars in the Pagani Huayra and the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse. The Huayra (I still don’t exactly know how to pronounce it) pictured is the Carbon Edition. Rightfully named because of the fact that the monocoque is made of a beautiful carbon fiber weave. The Blue Vitesse is the roadster version of the Super Sport. The W16 in this thing produces about 1183 BHP, which is insane for an open-topped car. I would have loved to be able to sit inside the cars, because I have seen a multitude of interior videos. Although, the area was blocked off for obvious reasons.


The next super car on this list was the Porsche 918. Seeing this car in person was so epic especially in the Martini livery that they presented it in. It’s a hybrid super car that uses both the electric and V8 combustion engines together to produce an incredible 887 HP and 944 TQ. The headlights were the first details I noticed upon eyeballing the car. I’m pretty sure I drooled at one point. I wouldn’t mind taking one for a spin.


The 2016 Mercedes AMG GT is a younger brother to the older SLS GT. It makes about 456 HP and 443 TQ via a bi-turbo 4.0L, V8. It looks sleek, and was very easy on the eye. It’s not as performance oriented as the SLS GT, but it isn’t a slouch either. Overall, a nice upgrade from your Prius.


The 2016 Lexus RCF was a very cool car to sit in. It had a lot of goodies that made the experience inside the car enjoyable. Digital gauges, navigation, premium sound system, and an interior that was actually really sleek, stylish, and didn’t feel like cheap plastics. The exterior was kind of interesting (?) to look at, and the body lines make the car look aggressive.

It’s powered by a 5.0L, V8 making just about 467 HP. I would have loved to hear it rumble as when I read the spec sheet, I didn’t expect to see that “V8” listed there. I had assumed it would have a turbo V6. Overall, a very nice car to be able to see at the show.


Lamborghini never disappoints with their cars, and this Aventador no exception. The brakes on it were as big as some cars’ wheels at 15 inch rotors!  The 6.5L, V12 was visible in the back, as it is a mid-engine coupe. It’s very wide though. I had heard about how wide they were, but it has the girth of a truck! I don’t think I’d feel too comfortable driving it in the city, but in the back roads of northern California, I’m sure it would be a blast to drive! Not only that, but you would be driving in style.


Oh Aston Martin, why must you look like many Ford cars. Oh wait, isn’t it the other way around? Anyway, the Vantage S pictured is the 2016 model with a 6L, V12. It makes about 565HP and you really can’t mistake it. The four hood vents actually provide cooling for the massive engine under the hood. I have yet to look up any reviews for it, but I am sure it’s a blast to drive.


Ferrari’s are nice right? Right. The F430 (the convertible) and the Testarossa are the ones pictured above. I won’t lie, I have never really been a super huge fan of Ferrari until the LaFerrari (The Ferrari TheFerrari haha) was released. Don’t get me wrong, they are awesome cars, although I have never been super intrigued. I think the issue lies in the fact that I have trouble remembering which models are which, except for the well known ones of course.


On the opposite end of price range was this Mustang GT500. That green is a green I would love on a car of mine. It was a very well done car, and was insanely clean. No detail was missed, and the owner must have thrown money at this beauty like it was nobody’s business.


The money situation from the GT500 goes the same with this Dodge Dart. This Dart had much more of a custom feel to it though. The black on black was such a nice look on a classic like this. It’s a very simple look with elegance that is very well though out from the color choice on the wheels to those hood vents with red accents.


On to a more affordable car. The new 2016 Mazda MX-5. I have been following this car since it was first announced that it was making a comeback this year. The first thing I noticed was how small it was, which is what you’d expect. I thought maybe when I sat in it, it would be a different experience. Well, at 6’3″ and 185 pounds, I had to bend my knees a lot as you can see in the lower picture.


On to the Yodas! I really like a lot of Toyota trucks, although their cars have always seemed boring. Then, I saw this 2016 TRD Corolla! I had to do a double take when I initially saw it, and my cousin Eddie did as well. We were seriously taken aback  at this car because it looked very aggressive, especially for a Corolla.


A new TRD 4Runner? I’ll take 2! It seems as though this color is a popular color with Toyota as you will see later on in this post. This 4Runner had a lot of upgraded bits compared to the base model including suspension, and some awesome skid plates.


Digital camo is such a cool wrap. This Rav4 really looks nice with an all matte wrap.


This 1794 Edition Tundra was just so nice to sit in. The interior reminded me of the F-150 King Ranch. The look of the leather looked like that of a horse saddle, and the interior as a whole had a very old western feel, hence the name.


This TRD edition Tundra was definitely meant for off-roading. The truck came with upgraded suspension, upgraded exhaust, skid plates, and a TRD tuned 5.7L V8. If you look really closely at the upper picture, Eddie was drooling all over this thing haha.


We finally made it to the area where I spent the most time; Ford. Ford really held the biggest presence and for good reasons. Their line up was made of some awesome cars and trucks. Starting off with this F-150 XLT. Their new line of F-150 trucks look amazing, and the interior feels so refined. The leather seats were very comfortable, the trim pieces didn’t feel like they’d fall off after a year, and there was a lot of leg space in the cab.


I wish I would have been able to sit in this F350. It made its debut at the show and I must say, I would love to get in the driver’s seat of one. I have always loved trucks  and this is one truck I’d love to own. The color is striking, the body lines as sexy, and the truck as a whole is outstanding! Obviously, it’s a heavy duty truck, but I can see myself putting it to good use. Someday…


The new Focus ST. I haven’t gotten to drive this new one yet, but sitting in it felt all to familiar of course. The Recaro seats were so snug to sit in, and the interior felt and looked better than mine. Every button was strategically placed, and nothing seemed redundant. The gauges all looked the same, and the interior as a whole looked the same except for the fact that a few refinements were made. The exterior was a different story. Everything was face-lifted, and the only thing that I don’t like was the rear valance. It has way too much plastic, and looks cheap to me.  The rest of it looks more aggressive than the old ST though.


To finish off the post is this sublime GT350. This new Mustang will definitely be a future classic. The acceptance of this new style was very little at first, but as time passed it seems as though the consensus is that this new body style is simply epic! The GT models and even the ecoboost are being heavily modded and the aftermarket is booming for the new models. The GT350 is Ford Performance’s attempt at creating an awesome Mustang and boy, they outdid themselves. The 5.2L V8 with a flat plane crank is producing  526 HP and 429 TQ. All of that with a naturally aspirated engine. The fact that it was able to beat the Z/28 in a drag race (Click Here for the video) really shows how great the car is.

I am hoping to get the Focus back in the next few days so that I can make a few adjustments on the coilovers, and really give them solid review. Also, I have some new parts coming for the exterior as well. I am considering going to Alberta, Canada to join Bill at Driven. (For information about that, click here) I will also show some more before and after pictures of the damage from the accident, and finally upload the coilover install video as well. Thanks for tuning in, and GodSpeed!



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