Willows Car and Bike Show 2016

Hey all!

So, exactly one week after the Illmotion Show N’ Shine, the 30th annual Willows Car and Bike show was on! I entered very last minute, as I didn’t even know if I’d be entering. Although, since the Focus got a new look, I decided to enter. This was my 4th year in a row. Friday was the cruise and show at the memorial park. I regret not getting pictures, but I was late to it as it was. Then, the very next day was the show.

Let’s start off with the motorcycles.


I got to speak with the owners of these bikes, and they were very cool. We held a conversation, and it turns out that the owner of the green one knew my car already. We ended up voting for each other in the “People’s Choice” category which is where all the show attendants vote on their favorite bike and car.


I honestly wish to learn more about bikes now, as this hobby of mine grows. I love cars and trucks, but also have a soft spot for motorcycles. This one stood out to me because of the paint job. Green happens to be one of my favorite colors.


I walked around the bikes a bit more, and had finally found the one I had been looking for. Frank’s Blue Triumph. Frank had spoken to me before the show, and was a very nice guy. He asked me to find it, and I am so glad I was able to get some shots of it. The reason why is because as I was taking some shots, one of my good friends and old co-workers, Bruce, happened to judge the bikes. He told me that the Triumph was taking the best bike in show. I was very excited to hear that my new friend was going to win the grand prize! Although, I kept my lips sealed, and later that day, Frank got his Best In Show award. I was so happy for him!


Ol’ Rossy got shined up all over again, and I even made a little display. I created an info sheet explaining the modifications I have done to my car.


Daniel’s BMW was looking mighty fine right next to my car sitting on some 3-Piece Work wheels as well.


Daniel’s brother, Eduardo had his Evo out rocking the red and white scheme. It looks menacing!


Now this was a sight to see! This car was a straight up racecar! The interior was gutted, had a roll cage, and the owners let me know that it had rolled over a few times as well! The most insane part? It had a turbo diesel engine swap from a Passat! The car was just an awesome sight to see, and the owners/drivers were so cool to be able to tell me their rally racing stories. I enjoyed seeing this ride, meeting the owners and I hope to see them next year!


Oh yeah… Patina done right.


This beauty was right next to my car, and the best in show winner for the cars! You can see why too. This was a beautifully restored 1936 Packard with an LS swap. It was a beauty. The owners Louie and Joni were very informative about the car and even had a few questions about mine. Louie went as far as to say that I would win first place in my class…


Ford GT’s never disappoint. This one makes an appearance every year.


This fastback was so amazing. I wish I had gotten shots of the interior because it was a hand built, and stunning. The attention to details in this car were something out of a car magazine.


As you can see there was a lot of variety at this show, as there is every year. This is my friend Abrahm’s Datsun. A stanced, stretched, and loud pickup. It has airbags in the rear and has everything to piss of any purist. I love it!


This right here was a show stopper! This was a custom built stroller, with a working steering wheel. I couldn’t even count the amount of people that stopped and got pictures.


Oh… Louie was right! See that face? That was me after winning first place in the tuner class! I was so ecstatic as I had never won a prize! After a few years of hard work, dedication, and support, I had finally gotten an award for my efforts! Years prior, I would stand at my car waiting for judges, and try and win an award. Although, I have learned that these shows are about being able to learn about the other people there with you. You get ideas when you chat with other owners, and you learn about their story. This year, I did that, and I am glad I did because I made so many new friends.


Here’s a close up of the award itself.


The next day, I took my sisters for a cruise in through Chrome. If you have never driven through Chrome, California, you should. Especially in the spring when the grass is green.

As we passed Chrome, I did my usual stop at Black Butte which has become a place for me to re-gather myself in the past few months. This spot has become very special to me. It allows me to quietly think about many things. This stop, I had a lot of things to think about.

Which brings me to the end of the post. In a few days, my efforts at a one of a kind car will become a reality, and I will update you all once everything is finished up. For now, look forward to the next post about the first ever FiveThirty meet in Willows. Thank you so much for tuning in, and GodSpeed.



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