Canada Eh! Part 4 – This Isn’t Goodbye

Hey everyone!

I have a lot of exciting news, and the news is the reason I am very late on this post. I’ll touch on that at the end of the post. For now, let’s continue the Canada trip coverage, eh?

The day was winding down to a close, and I didn’t even get to really look at every car. There were so many amazing builds! All too soon, the announcers called for everyone to make their way to the awards area, where the awards ceremony would take place.


The ThreeTwenty crew knew that Bill had a big shot at winning an award. The way the awards work at this show are a bit different than most shows. The judges walk around a choose the top 15 cars at the show. 15 out of a few hundred cars. That must be a very hard decision to make.

So we stood there listening to the winners, and the judge called, “BILL…” and we held our breath… and it was not our Bill. That was about in the middle of the names of winners. So we all just waited until the judge was at the last 5, and the judge called, “AND ANOTHER, BILL MACKENZIE!”


Bill, and the ThreeTwenty crew had done it! They took home an “Honor Roll” award at the Illmotion Show N’ Shine! The look on Bill’s face… Priceless! Countless hours, and so many sleepless nights getting his car ready. It was such an amazing way to wrap up the show, and my last full day in Canada.

It’s funny, because almost immediately after the show, Calgary’s wild weather decided that it was time to rain. Bill summed it up perfectly the first day: If you don’t like the weather in Calgary, wait thirty minutes.

Since my coolant overflow tank was leaking, Bill gave me his… And we replaced it after the show. We had no coolant, so Justin gave me a ride to one of the local auto parts stores. When we got back, the rain started clearing up and we were able to take some awesome shots!


This shot right here is one of my favorites. The Ferd owners together holding up a win for the Focus scene! Bill probably doesn’t realize it, but his car has been an inspiration for a lot of Focus owners, myself included. The whole ST swapping that I have been doing, was totally inspired by Bill. I can’t thank him enough for that either. I know Mario helps a lot as well. Watching them work together was such a cool thing to witness that no one really sees online. They are a great car duo, and it shows. Especially now with an award from a huge car show like this.


After the pictures were taken, and goodbyes were said, we made our way to eat some grub.


When we finally got there, a few parking spots opened up, and we got perfect parking! Thankfully, Brian was able to park there first and secure the spots for us. Had Brian not parked there, this awesome shot probably would not have happened.


After dinner, Bill, Brian, and I headed home to the MacKenCo garage, AKA Bill’s house. Brian fell asleep almost immediately while Bill and I chatted for a while. Something I really had not gotten to do the whole weekend. We opened up Maps, and I showed him Willows, and we both laughed about how Willows was literally the size of just one of the many communities in Calgary.

We chatted about life some more, watched some YouTube videos, and then the three of us went on a cruise in Rossy. We got some amazing shots of the night life in Calgary, and hung out. Bill got is PokemonGo on as well, haha!  I said my goodbyes to Brian, and we then called it a day.


The next day was my final day there. So I got some shots of the garage, and goodness does it look great with the Thunderbird and the STedan in there. Bill claims his garage wasn’t organized, but if he had seen my garage, he’d probably go into cardiac arrest.


It was Sue’s birthday, so we proceeded to go to her annual Calgary Tower trip. I wasn’t disappointed one bit! While I am deathly afraid of heights, that didn’t stop me from stepping onto this glass flooring.


Oh look! It’s a Focus!


After getting some goodies for my family, and pointing out a lot of cars, we made our way back home.


As we waited, I got a few more shots. This one is another favorite. The inspiration for my car ahead of mine, the inspiration come to life right behind, and the mastermind right next to it. After, we met up with Mario, his girlfriend Brenda, and Brandon to get some ice cream.



Huge thanks to Brenda, for getting these rollers! I haven’t gotten a proper roller of my car, so what a better place to do it than here? No where, duh!


We all made it to MacKay’s Ice Cream in Cochrane. There we got to hangout and all have some ice cream before we went to even more take shots of our cars.


This was the last I would get to hang out with Bill. We rolled out. Bill and Sue had to get home for some more birthday festivities with family, while Mario, Brenda, Brandon, and I headed to Lake Minnewanka.

As we left Cochrane and were just about to part ways, Bill and I happened to get side by side at a red light. I took advantage of our last time together and said, “I used to drag here back in high school” Meanwhile, Bill had See You Again on the radio, and we both laughed. We split ways, and I threw up some deuces to Bill.


This really is one of the more beautiful places I have gotten to drive to. People have asked me,” Why do you put so much money into your car, if you can use that money to travel the world?” Well here is your answer. I am travelling the world in my racecar. I couldn’t find a better picture to shut those people up.


I also get to make amazing friends because of that car. Brandon, Mario, and I (not in that order) were able to take a picture together. Brenda joked that the picture looks photoshopped, and it really does! I can assure you that it isn’t.


This was the last group picture I’d get to take as the sun started setting. I said my final goodbyes, and split from the turbo cars, as my NA Focus and I headed home.I threw up my last deuces, and Rossy and I headed west towards BC, and from there south to California.


This trip, wow this trip was such an amazing adventure. The sights, the cars, the atmosphere, and most importantly the people. This trip was something I needed. I told Bill and Mario about the rough year I had been having, and how this trip was almost like a reset for my life. I came back happier, and ready to work hard to achieve goals I had set for myself. If there is one thing I’d change, it’s to get a picture with Bill, haha! Although, we were always trying to get pictures, so it didn’t even cross our minds.

I will be back, and the car will be even better. I may even move there, who knows? It was an awesome experience, and it left a lasting impression on me. One that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

As I sit here at my home in Willows finishing up a chicken pot pie, I am in awe of how I bounced back from losing my job, my girlfriend, and my friend Casey who passed cancer all in the period of a few weeks. To now, months later, with a trucking job that not only pays well, but I actually enjoy, an amazing group of friends both old and new, an amazing family, and a new sense of power and faith. I have the will to keep working towards my goals, and to stay strong. I have only God to thank here, because I have clung to Him a lot these past few months, and He has opened so many doors for me.

One of those goals has been achieved too. I will be ST powered Focus sedan number 7 a week from this going live on the site, and I am so excited to tell you all! I also am planning on a new YouTube channel with content that is different from any car channel I have seen. I am so excited to bring this all to everyone here who supported my passion from day one!

My ex’s dad summed it all up perfectly, “Stay Casey strong!” I have and will forever stay Casey strong as I continue my journey, and I want to dedicate this final Canada post to Casey. RIP brother, you were an amazing man, and I know you are watching over all of us.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in, and GodSpeed.



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