Canada Eh! Part 3 – Illmotion Sunday School 2

This last part of the show coverage is exactly what I want it to be. A dump of amazing car pictures, and little talk. I’ll make some comments here and there, although just enjoy the goodies!


I actually got to meet the owner of this awesome R34 GTR! Tom was very kind, and gladly told me about his car’s build. It was probably one of my more favorite moments of the show because I got to hear a bit of his story, and about his car. That’s what I enjoy most, is meeting owners and hearing about their rides. I enjoy it just as much as telling people about my ride!


If you get the chance, check out Lowcals on YouTube! They have a sweet channel, and I was fortunate to be able to get to get a shot of their Sylvia and Skyline. My younger sister is a fan of the channel and was inspired to start a drift car build with me, hehe. Proud brother right here! I wish I could have said hello, although I was just going through shooting the massive line of cars ahead of me. Maybe next time David!


Being from Willows, I have gone mudding. Seeing some mud on this Land Cruiser was a great reminder of home among all of these clean cars! 


At the end of 2015, I had finally watched the entire Initial D series… Then I proceeded to watch it 2 more times! Seeing a Panda Trueno, and in person had me fan-girling! I was so excited to see this jem, that I had to put down the camera and stare for a while. Yeah, I know, it’s RHD, and not JDM. Although, in my area, these cars are junkers. So, seeing one modified like this was so amazing to see.


Oh yeah, there were two more right next to it!


Thia 4-Runner was epic!  V8 thrown in, the entire roof was cut to fit a vinyl top that slides back, and it was sitting on air suspension. The paint looked like a dang mirror, and the interior was an electrifying red. The car was done so well, and was so clean.


Another car that I was flabbergasted by. The Cosworth Escort RS is a car that is on my bucket list of cars to drive! That wing is so awesome to see in person!


No, I did not shoot enough of the Skylines, haha!


This car brought back so many memories from a 4th generation Mustang Convertible. This example, while not convertible, was one that was one was highly modified by NoPulp. A color that catches your eye from miles away, and a massive supercharger slapped on. Oh, and some CR Kai’s, which are wheels that I didn’t even think would ever be fitted on a Mustang. Well done! Had I picked up the 4th gen, when I had the chance, this car is an example that I’d love to be inspired by.


Paul’s SE was looking so clean with his new wrap! He traveled from Edmonton to attend the show with his family! It was great meeting yet another Focus owner that I had only seen on the Focus Fanatics forum.


Patina, when done right, can come out to look amazing. Just like this example right here!


One of my best friends, Greg, has a VW Bug sitting in his back yard right now. I had to get a shot of this one to inspire him to get his up and running again! I’d love to help him at least get it roadworthy!


Ending it on a high note with this Evo X Stormtrooper Edition!

I left some awesome cars out, and it’s nothing personal. I took a thousand pictures at the show, and while I’d love to use them all, I feel that it would be a bit overkill using them all haha.

We will fast forward a week to the Willows Car and Bike Show in the next post. I have some awesome news in that post, and I look forward to it! I hope you do as well. Thanks so much for tuning in, and GodSpeed!



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