Canada Eh! Part 2- Illmotion Sunday School 1

Hello everyone!

So, after Saturday night at Bill’s place, Mario, Derrick, and I left to go and get some rest. Mario allowed me to crash at his place for a night, which allowed me to check out a different area of Calgary. I got a bit left behind while following Mario because one of my windshield trim pieces flew off, as one of the clips had broke after we removed them. Luckily, I recovered the trim piece, and made it to Mario’s.

We chatted for a while about life, and had a Corona. (Because you know, I am a Mexican after all haha!)After that, we got some sleep, and awoke the next morning. Derrick met us at Mario’s, and we had a delicious breakfast that Mario made. Thank you so much for being so hospitable, Mario! After that, we made our way to the parking lot to hop in our cars, heard some rather interesting noises, and then made our way to the show.


The line was long, and luckily, Mario, Derrick, and I got in the line quick, and then the rest of the ThreeTwenty crew hopped in with us.


Bill made these awesome decals (pronounced DEHCULS in Canada, unlike DEEKALS for us ‘Muricans) for the show. Bill never disappoints when he creates these decals.


Soary aboot that fluid leak, eh!


Starting off the coverage was a refresh on the Focus, whose new name is now Tabasco, making it a member of team condiments! We were going to name it Spicy Ketchup however, Tabasco won the vote on an Instagram pole that Bill created. Bill, who had just finished up his ST engine swap, finally revealed it publicly, and boy was it a head turner! He got so many questions, and a lot of people were asking him to turn it on to give it a few revs. It was so awesome!

Bill also worked on a small project where he had everyone who had worked on Tiggy, sign Ketchup’s old engine cover. I was fortunate enough to sign it, and I felt honored to be on that list of talented people!


Our spots at the show were perfect! Right in the middle of all the commotion, we had a row just for our crew.We even had a shade at the end of our row.

Something I never really experienced before was people asking about my car. It has never really been a head turner until I got the Works. So, people would come and ask about Tabasco, and it was awesome to be able to answer an question that they had!


Mario’s Fiesta ST, Sriracha, was looking fantastic. At only 3 months old, it had an Accessport, coilovers, Fifteen52 wheels, splitter, sideskirt extensions, and a bigger intercooler.


Dom’s sedan was looking great as well! He has definitely done great work on the car, and it’s tastefully modified. He dialed in the rear fitment before the show, and it looked great!


Brian’s Blueberry sedan was now rocking my old Styluz! I feel that they look even better on Performance Blue. They pop more where as on my car, they blended in. If you can see down below the bumper, he actually created a system to be able to run turn lights. The system was genius, and I commend him for it!


Keith and Yolanda’s Mazdas were looking very clean! I love Mazda 3’s and theirs were prime examples of what mods I’d do if I had one.


Alex’s Acura was a sight to look at. The more you looked at the car, the more you’d see little details that really made the car look as awesome as it does. One if the main things that got done right before the show were the door stripes. You really have to look to catch them, because they look like they are a shadow. Ninja mods are best mods.


Derrick’s LOWMARO, is a Chevy that I’d actually own. The 5th generation Camaro really caught my eye, (thanks to Transformers) and I love what Derrick has done to it. From what I heard, he is also due for an engine swap, haha.


Last on the crew, but most definitely not least, is Mayo. Deemed the Yeti, his car is such a tastefully modified car all around. Small details such as the Yeti center caps, blood red vinyl accents, and his EPIC subwoofer box had me gawking at his car for a while.


Across from our row was this Skyline that had me in awe. I was so amazed because these are still unicorns in the US. It felt as though I had seen Godzilla in the flesh, and well, I did.


I follow Jason’s blog,, and to finally see his car in person was pretty epic for me. While I didn’t get to meet Jason personally, as I was trying to see as many cars as possible, I was fortunate enough to look at some of the details of his 86.

From here, I shot a few cars whom I don’t really know much about the owners, so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.


Okay, so this Skyline had to be the one I really just fan-girled over the most. This R34 was just done so well! It had a mod list, and here are just a few: N1 Turbo, Mines Front Pipe, Mines Titanium Exhaust, ARC Radiator, HKS Cam gears, HKS 4 inch FMIC, and so much more. The list is just huge. This was a gem that I will always remember!


Being from NorCal, we have a lot of pickups. This one was done up WAY differently than what I’m used to. It’s cool to see it done up this way, as it’s not over the top. Although, I wonder how it would do on all the back roads, and dirt roads in our neck of the woods.


Everyone broke their necks when this Willy’s Jeep rolled in. V8, clean body, and an over awesome Jeep!


PokemonGo was definitely popular in Canada too, haha. These poor Pikachu’s definitely didn’t run away here haha!


I took this shot to show the back drop of this show. You can really see the city here, and I was enjoying this view throughout the show. Calgary is such a beautiful city, and I commend the people of this city for keeping it beautiful.

The next post will be a small pause on the Canada coverage, but rather a post about FiveThirty’s first meet! I also have Willows Car Show coverage that happened a week after Illmotion’s Sunday School. I am loving all of this coverage, and am glad you all can tune in! Until next time, GodSpeed!



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