Canada Trip Eh! Part 1- Team No Sleep

I want to start this post by thanking everyone who follows this blog. When I hear folks talk about it, it truly brings me joy that people like to read my content. I want to grow this into something bigger. We’ll see where it goes!

This trip all started with an idea. The idea was to go visit Bill, and the ThreeTwenty crew to attend a big show in Calgary. So, I started saving, and getting ready for Driven 2016 in May. Then my life took a turn for the worst at the end of February/ beginning of March 2016. I got fired from my job, turned single, and lost a loved one. Bill had already registered me for the event, but he understood my circumstances. So, life was somewhat put on hold.

At the end of March, I found a job. I was going pretty steady and got a pay increase within the first 60 days. So, Bill and I talked. I was set to go to Illmotion Show N’ Shine in August. So the saving started again! I asked my boss for the days off, which was only 3, because I get 3 day weekends. He was more than happy to oblige because he understood that I had been planning this trip for so long. I worked hard, budgeted, and saved for the show.



On Wednesday August 10th (My awesome little sister’s birthday), I took off! Yes, I did spend time with her before I left and even took her on a Dutch Bro’s run. For those who aren’t fortunate enough to know what that is, Dutch Bro’s is an amazing coffee chain found in the north western US. At 4:50PM on Wednesday, I started the 1163 mile trek to Calgary, Alberta, Canada!


Along the way, I ran into a Focus buddy! A 2016 ST, in Oxford White! I got only one hour of sleep from about 4am to 5am the next day in Spokane, Washington. I was flying! The things keeping me up were adrenaline, a Dutch, and my first ever energy drink.


Next thing I knew, I made it to Canuckistan! I went in through Eastport, Idaho. It was pretty cool to see Idaho. It is such a beautiful state!


I thought this was hilarious. Canada has to remind us ignorant Americans on how the metric system works, haha! Funny thing was, my speedometer has been off for a long time, so I had to look at my revs to know how fast I was going. So, I would convert the revs to MPH, and the MPH to KPH. That was fun, not. Oh, and my cruise control was gone too, so my legs and rear felt like they had gone through leg day… twice. As I made my way in, I found an electronics store where I bought a SIM card and got Telus service. Boy, was it expensive. 30$ for 1 gigabyte of data. That is insane!


Next thing I knew, I hit Alberta. That was at around 11:21AM. 18 hours in, 4 hours to go, and 1 hour of sleep.


I believe that you can find a bit of home wherever you go. This was definitely the case just south of Calgary, out in the country side. It was stunning! The fields definitely reminded me of my small town Willows back roads in “winter”! I had to get a few shots, because I was so amazed.


I was then in the Calgary city limits! My first impression was,” Holy crap, this city is HUGE!” With the way Bill describes the car scene, I always got the feeling that the city was small. So, driving in was insane to me!


22 hours, 1163 miles, and 1 hour of sleep later, Rossy and Tiggy finally met! Oh and Bill and I did too, haha! It was crazy that someone, and their car, that I had followed online for years, was right in front of me. Tiggy has a pretty big following, so I was fan-girling over Mustard! Bill had just gotten done buttoning up his ST engine swap. So, I was there for his first real test drive, and it was AWESOME! The car feels so much more peppy than my NA. It’s also very loud! Turbo spool is just so neck-tingling as well.


We then made our way to Bill’s place! I had to grab this shot, because this shot represents so much inspiration that I received from this trip. The city, Bill, Tiggy, and the ThreeTwenty crew as well!


Once at Bill’s house, I had some things I wanted to button up. Specifically the splitter. So, we parked them together for the first time in Bill’s very steep driveway. I still can’t figure out how so many lowered cars go up that driveway without ripping their bumpers off! Then, I met Bill’s mom and they both took me grocery shopping! They allowed me to choose some breakfast items, since I was staying with them a few days. I can’t thank Bill and Sue enough for allowing me into their home to sleep there, as I’m sure just letting someone into their home is hard, let alone someone they’ve never met.


After that, we went to Mario’s work, where he installed some goodies from Fifteen52! Bill and Mario’s cars, Mustard and Sriracha, are official Project Fifteen52 project cars! You can check them out at Mario and I also worked out a deal on some goodies for Rossy. More on that in a bit!

We then went to A&W to get some grub. Thanks for getting us the food Mario! After A&W, it was off to the car wash to get rid of all the bugs acquired from the trip up.


Then it was off to sleep, and wake up early on Friday to get some work and errands done.


Yes, some SnapChat selfies and pictures have been added to this post, because as my friend Gabe says,” Pics or it didn’t happen!”



Friday consisted of grabbing vinyl with Bill, working on cars, and starting out windshield banners! We also cut “DEH-CULS,” for a bit, because I asked, Bill to show me how he works. I was so fascinated with decal cutting. Bill is awesome at it! We dropped some hints of the commemorative decals for the show in the IMSS chat group we had on Facebook Messanger. I was very excited for Saturday though, because I knew big things were about to happen…


Come Saturday, the first thing we did was breakfast at Cora’s which was amazing, and then to work on cars! First order of business, was that deal Mario and I made.


Wheels! I got Ketchup’s old wheels! These are genuine Work Emotion CR Kai’s, and Ketchup had worn them for a while before the unfortunate accident. The accident gave Tiggy, Ketchup’s old heart, the ST engine. I had messaged Mario about these wheels long before the trip, but was out of my budget. While there, Mario told me to come to the parts room, and he pulled them down. We worked out a deal right then and there, haha!


Into the bays Rossy went! This picture right above shows the fitment my old wheels had. Meh.


I had to get this picture. I still think it’s funny how all of these Canadians were fascinated at the underside of my car. 140,000 miles and no surface rust. That’s normal to me, but to them, it’s as if they had just seen a unicorn farting rainbows while playing the electric guitar…


Bill was so happy to see a DEHCUL, (yes I am going to keep spelling it like that, because Canada) he had mailed come back to him!


One of my bigger concerns was my brakes, I knew they were bad, but not this bad. When I left California, they still had some meat left, but after 1163 miles, it went down very fast. They were so worn, that the pistons over-extended and were a royal pain to twist down. Luckily, Mario, Derrick, and I were able to fix it!


We got the wheels bolted on, and the new fitment was already visible. Even with the car in the air. I had to hammer in a bit of the fender, or it would cut up the tire. My old wheels were 18×8 ET36. The new ones were 18×9.5 ET38!


Brian took over the old wheels! I am so happy that someone who could appreciate the wheels, would get them! It was awesome to see them on a performance blue sedan!

iM Sunday School 2016 26

One of the most relaxing moments of the entire weekend was when Bill’s mom, Sue bought us all pizza! We relaxed, and chatted about things. I even dozed off for a bit on the lawn! Then it was back to work!


This seriously looked like a car meet, outside of the MacKenCo Garage. We worked on getting everything buttoned up and ready to go. It was getting pretty late, but we kept at it. I think one thing I need to mention as an American, is that Canadians do say, “SOARRY ABOOT THAT EH!” Even if they say otherwise, I can confirm they do! They just don’t notice it!


The late night crew! From left, to right: Brian, Brandon, Alex, Derrick, Me, Mario, and Bill!

Around midnight, Mario, Derrick, and I headed to sleep. I stayed at Mario’s house Saturday night. I also can’t thank Mario enough for letting me crash at his place! That was so nice of him, and I am so grateful! We were able to chat for a while, then went to bed. Anticipating the next day- Illmotion Show N’ Shine 2016.

Thank you so much for tuning into part 1, and GodSpeed!


P.S. As I finish this post, I am also getting ready for the Willows Car and Bike Show! Content from that will go out soon!




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