Splitters P.R. – A Review

Hey everyone!

With so much going on this summer, it’s hard to remember to update this thing. July came quick, and with that, we get closer to IllMotion’s Sunday School Show N’ Shine! Come August, I will be joining, Bill and the Official ThreeTwenty crew in Canada for the show! I am very excited that two STedans will finally meet! In preparation for this epic show, I decided to get the Focus a few modifications. The first one was this splitter from Splitters P.R.

I originally saw the splitter on the Splitters P.R. Instagram account. I saw it on one of the ST’s that was rocking their V1 splitter. So, I contemplated it, and set the thought aside. Fast forward a few months, and I finally decided to pull the trigger.


Hector, whom was the one messaging me, kept me updated the best he could of course. I asked him for some progress pictures and he happily agreed. I ordered it on a Thursday, and he told me that it could take 7-10 days for him to finish it, then 2 days for shipping.


By the next Tuesday, this picture was sent. The splitter was ready for shipment! From that point, it took two days to reach me. I received the shipment on Thursday, at work even. (The local FedEx guy knows me, and is a car guy himself, so he let me sign it off at the warehouse I work at.)

So, I get off work, and immediately head home to install the splitter. The splitter was painted flat black, and was constructed of plastic PVC. It is made of this material so that it is flexible enough to withstand hits, yet sturdy enough to handle the wind hitting it. The piece does not come with hardware nor pre-drilled holes. This I feel is a plus, because it allows the buyer to mount it however they wish.

To install, I  began by lining up the splitter to where it looked centered. Then, I marked where the 6 pre-existing bumper holes are. I mounted it with nuts, bolts, and nylon washers. After that, I drilled two more holes under the bumper for more support. After it was mounted, I drilled into the grill and splitter to mount the splitter support rods. I adjusted the rods, and viola! A new splitter was installed!

The following pictures may cause heavy breathing, drooling, and dizziness. Viewer discretion is advised.


Overall, I am very satisfied with not only the product, but the support. Hector provided me with information about his product, answered my many questions, and was quick in responses. I highly reccomend Splitters P.R. for anyone looking for any aero parts!

I will keep you updated if I add anymore modifications, and am excited to be able to provide IMSS coverage! Thank you so much for tuning in, and GodSpeed!



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