San Francisco International Auto Show- Part 1

Hey everyone!

So, I decided to sell the front splitter so that I can get some funds for new parts that should be coming soon. ( I have to be a ninja and stay silent for these parts.) You are probably wondering, “What does that have to do with the title of this post?” Well, I live about 3 hours away from San Francisco, so I was actually debating as to whether I should or shouldn’t go to the auto show. Well, when the purchaser of the front splitter couldn’t make it to Willows, I decided to head his way to the bay area. I thought to myself,” Well i might as well go to the auto show while I am there.” That’s exactly what I did. I picked up my cousins, and we made our way to San Francisco.

The show lasted one week, but I headed over on a Sunday since that was when I arranged to meet the buyer of the splitter. Honestly, the show was a last minute thing. Although, I am very glad I was able to go. For $10 ( and parking ) you get to see a wide range of vehicles. Upon entering the show, the very first thing I saw was a Bugatti and a Pagani. Those will be shown on the next post.

The first place we started out at was Gasoline Alley, which was where all of the modified cars were put on display. I took about 400 pictures, but I narrowed it down to 40. So, let’s begin!


These BMW’s really were the epitome of clean and stanced. The grey color is a color I have been considering for the Focus as a plasti-dip job. Maybe… just maybe.


You really can’t have a car show without proper race cars. How does the saying go? “Not every show car is a race car, but every race car is a show car.” To give you an idea of how purpose built these cars were without caring about appearance, the splitter struts on the Mazda Speed 3 were held together with duct tape. That splitter, from what I could see, was made of wood. The Indy car was a site to see as well, as I had never actually seen one in person.


This Acura Integra was incredibly well done. This also happens to be one of the cars Bill wants to get his hands on. The brown color that was chosen isn’t a color that is normally on cars, but I feel that it suited the car well. Those tucked engine bays always come out so clean too.


Green is my favorite color. When I saw this Evo, I just couldn’t help but fan girl over the paint job. This is a color that I would definitely say yes to if I wanted to do a complete color change on the Focus. Seeing the gloss black wheels reaffirmed this, as I would want to keep my gloss black wheels.


Initial D… yo. The Levin AE86 always did appeal to me more than then Trueno in the show.


Mighty Car Mods’ “Super Gramps” was the first thing I thought of when I saw this Subaru Legacy. I feel that this Legacy is a bit too slammed for my taste. I still think Marty’s Liberty ( it’s called the Liberty in Australia) is a step up in the looks department though. Especially with the “Squid Juice” grey color he chose and the wheel setup.


I can’t say that this was a Liberty Walk Nissan R35 for sure, but it looks very close to it. This specific R35 was bagged, and I would hope it was. I don’t think it would be very street friendly if it was static.


I knew it was a Skyline when I saw it, but I had never actually seen an R33 in person. These Skylines seem to be the less popular models, and it’s a shame too.


Rotary is love, rotary is life. This FC Mazda RX7 was really nice to see among all the other imports. Yes, more Initial D fan girl giddiness was happening.


On to the domestics! The sign on the Termi made me chuckle. Wheel choice was definitely interesting. It seems like they belong on an import or a more compact car.


My cousin Fabi, who owns a Dodge Challenger, could really get some inspiration from this one. It seems as though newer cars have a lot of plastic in the engine bays. So it was very refreshing to see this one ditch it, and expose the engine and engine bits.

The wheels also went very well with the car. Blue and orange are complimentary colors, so that was a nice vision on the owner’s part.


I will not lie, I literally almost missed this 69 Nova by Yenko. Don Yenko only had 38 built, and each came with a 450-horsepower 427 cubic-inch V8 under the hood. So, I can’t really say it was a true Yenko Nova because of the rarity, but the 427 was definitely under the hood. I didn’t really understand what I was looking at until I got home and looked it up.


I have always enjoyed white cars with black wheels. This resto-mod 1970 Chevelle is no different.


Now, I don’t normally include pictures of the signs at shows, but I feel that this funny car deserved it.


I love CTS-V’s so much. Cadillac really outdid themselves with this car. This particular one was mostly stock, save for the wheels. Not that it really needs to be modified, because it looks fantastic in stock form. There is something about a 600+ horsepower family sedan that really gets me all riled up.


This looks just like the Back to the Future truck that Marty Mcfly drove. I have always loved Tacoma’s and this one was done very well. It looks very close to the one seen in the movie. The vanity plate was a nice touch too.


This Turbo Grand National was pretty awesome! It’s not a car you see very often, but very nice when you do. I have heard one before, and they sound pretty gnarly.


I almost missed that Nova because this thing was right across. This newer Dodge Dart was wrapped in Red Chrome vinyl wrap. It was definitely one of the brighter cars there. I actually considered a Dart before I got the Focus.  Although, I still don’t regret my decision.


We’ll finish this post off with the 2015 and the Foxbody Mustangs. These were the first cars we saw walking in. The Foxbody was a drift car, and was really nice to get up close and personal.  The 2015 Mustang is one of my favorite newer Mustangs. I remember so many people that hated the thing, and I was one of the few that instantly loved it. As the 2015 year passed, it seems more and more people are flocking towards Ford. The new Mustang, I feel, is one of the reasons. We’ll touch base on that later.

Thanks for tuning in, and GodSpeed!



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