It’s the Little Things

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while. So, I am very happy to say that we have finally gotten a few rain storms up here in Northern California! I’m sure many have seen that California has been suffering from a bad drought over the past few years. While this may mean that it’s the end of car show season, it does mean that builds will change, and/or continue. This is the case for me as I finally found some time to spend addressing the interior of the Focus.

To kick things off, I started by buying a new leather wrapped steering wheel with stitching. Huge thanks to Nathan for getting it to me safely, and at a great price!

I had been doing small things to  the interior and now, I would like to really go a bit bigger, since I have hardly addressed it. Especially now, that the exterior looks just how I wanted it.



As you can see above, the interior really stands out with the red accents. I plan to keep that going, although I don’t want to over-do it. This look was indeed inspired by the Focus Zetec S model in Europe, which also has similar accents.


After I received the steering wheel, I got to work. I went to Wal-Mart and for $5, I got red thread and some curved needles. I then started looping the thread through the existing thread. I also did a red racing stripe, to add some flair.



I also ran the thread through the stitching on my center console, e-brake cover, and shifter cover. They came out with the cross-stitch pattern that I had wanted. For around $5, and a few hours of time, I was able to really transform the look of my interior! It’s a perfect rainy day project to do, as this is actually how I spent the first heavy rain here in California in a few years. As the end of the year comes at us, I do plan on some more modifications on the interior.

I also fixed my headlight issues that came up. My HID’s kept flickering, and one night they just shut off. I immediately thought it might be the ballasts, and Kensun gladly sent me new ballasts. They got to me within one day! Although, that ended up not solving the issue.

So next, I turned towards the wiring. I checked every wire as I had the headlights running to a relay and a resistor. I cleaned up the wires, and that still didn’t solve the issue. The relay made plenty of noise, so I switched it out. After that, the only thing left was the resistor. Unfortunately, when I checked it with my multimeter, the resistance was zero. So, I had remembered that I actually read on the Focus forums, that you can run HID’s without resistors by making changes in the body control module using the Focccus software.

I immediately made the changes, removed the resistor, and the lights worked! I was happy that I didn’t have to purchase another resistor, and had everything I needed with in arms reach. So, another update down, and hopefully more to come. Thanks for tuning into this quick update, and Godspeed!


Quick note: Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in France tonight amidst the tragic news of the horrible attacks that happened in Paris. We stand with you all.


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