Roslyn V3.1

Hey everyone!

So today’s post will be a quick update as to what has been going on with the Focus.

As you all saw previously, the “STedan” finally came to life. Unfortunately it quickly ended one day, when I had refinished the base and clear and put the bumper back on. The bumper was an eBay bumper that was supposed to be a replica of the stock ST bumper. I made sure that all of the components were put back together correctly and drove off to get some Gatorades (Working on your car in 100 degree Fahrenheit heat makes you thirsty).  I was not even a quarter mile from home when I hear a crack, then a scraping noise. My bumper was demolished.


Luckily, a bystander nearby helped me pick up the pieces and I tried to attach the bumper the best I could to get it home. I felt defeated that day, as I had worked so hard to get the bumper exactly how I wanted it.


The culprit was this tab. This tab holds the bumper together with the fender. I don’t know what caused it to break, but the eBay seller fortunately deemed it defective and sent me a new one right away!


Yay! Right?


Wrong! The supposed “new” bumper arrived damaged. I was so mad. I called them and calmly explained (I work as a help desk technician, being calm on the phone is my thing) that the bumper was damaged, and that I would like a refund as there had been two failures so far with their product. They sent me return labels, and I immediately returned the both of the bumpers and new grille inserts. Fortunately, they let me keep the old grille inserts and mounting piece which really helped me out later. I went to my local dealership, Oroville Ford, and talked to my good friend Bill who got me an OEM spec ST front bumper! The paint I was going to use for the eBay one was used on the OEM one, and the results are awesome.





The bumper currently needs a bit more polishing, but overall this result is what I’ve wanted. The car now looks exactly like how I pictured it to be originally. You may also notice the new front splitter in these pictures. This splitter is actually the one that Street Scene created in conjunction with Tanner Foust. It really helps to further make the front end look incredibly aggressive.  If all of you remember from another previous post, my cousin visited town with his MK3 STedan. On that day we swapped my cup spoilers for his splitter. Both items had damage on them from use so it was a reasonable trade. To improve the look of the splitter, I had to lay down some new fiberglass sheets to repair it. I then re-painted it afterwards with gloss black paint to match the accents on the car.

Thanks for tuning in, and GodSpeed! Stay tuned for more posts on Roslyn and other content coming soon!



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