Chico Carz and Coffee

Hello all!

I hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July! I know I did. I actually got the chance to go out to Chico Carz and Coffee in the morning to check out some rides from the area. This particular Cars and Coffee event just recently started and is somewhat small. There was a decent turn out though, and I wasn’t disappointed at all!



This is my cousin David’s MK3 STedan. He was actually the one who told me about the eBay ST front bumper I installed, and let me know that it fit very well on his Focus. He has a very nice sedan that is very clearly modified. Right now he is on stock suspension, front ST bumper conversion, aftermarket 17 inch wheels and had a street scene front splitter, which has been given to me in a trade for my cup spoilers from Fifteen52. The reason for this will be explained in an upcoming post, so please stay tuned for that!

It was nice getting to see him, as it has been more than 10 years of actually seeing him in person. The fact that cars brought us together again is also pretty cool as well. Cars really do connect people in mysterious ways, which non-car people will fully understand.


Dallas also made an appearance, with the land yacht. It was nice seeing it running, as he’s previously had some alternator issues. Glad to see them ironed out!


This late C4 Corvette was very clean. As far as I know it is stock, and the red paint is flawless. I really wanted to see the headlights popup, because I have always thought they were cool (editor’s note: ME TOO!). But alas, it was 9:30 am when both Vettes pulled out of the lot and no headlights were needed at that time.




Right next to the older Corvette was its younger brother, the C7. This specific model is a Z06, which boasts a supercharged 6.2L engine. The big brakes remind me of Dallas’s big brakes. The calipers on the Vic are actually from a C5.

Some things that I like about the Z06: The power is insane, 650 HP and TQ is more than enough to get your speed fix. The front looks very angry, the body lines are really detailed, and those headlights look like they are ready to attack any 4 banger that crosses its path. The paint is absolutely gorgeous too.

Some things that I unfortunately don’t like: The rear looks way too boxy for me. It’s like they just gave up on it mid-design, and just cut it right there. Also, the four exhaust tips seems a bit overkill. That’s just me trying to find something not to like though.

Overall, I really like it, and it’s a very pretty car to look at. It’s also quite expensive, but I bet that it’s a blast to drive. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll get to drive one. A kid can dream right?



This Cadillac was looking mighty fine. I always enjoy looking at classics. Unfortunately, I didn’t ask much about it. I plan to next month though as long as it shows up.



Last but certainly not least is the Porsche 911. I believe it’s a 911 anyway, or a 964 (it potentially may be a Carrera). It’s hard to tell, because Porsche designed all of these cars with very similar features. Unfortunately, I’m no Porsche expert either, but I like the way they look regardless. I especially love this one! I personally love the older Porsches like Singer Porsches. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it has personality. It has character. It has class. It’s just a Porsche and everyone knows it when they look at it.

So, currently the Focus is somewhat broken at the moment. The old NA stock bumper is on, and I will save the rest for another post as an update. Let’s just say, that I have had a bit of bad luck. So, it’s on that bombshell, I end. Thanks for tuning in, and GodSpeed!



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