Made in Mexico

Alright, back to business!

It has been a very busy time for me, since school and work make my days very hectic. I have partial weekends to work on the Focus and during breaks at work. Yes, I occasionally find myself working on the car in the parking lot at work. Security has come to know my car and I very well, and after today’s updates, they are extremely happy with what the Focus has become.

Let’s take a flashback to August, and I received a call from Mike at RDC. He asked me if I wanted to head down to Tijuana, Mexico to have a super secret part made. As we discussed the details, I let my dad talk to him since Tijuana is a risky place to go to. So a few weeks later, my dad, grandpa, mom, and I headed 10 hours from Willows to Tijuana to get this part made. I also managed to get an average of 40 MPG during the trip!

The US/Mexico border is about  a 10 hour drive from home. So a lot of driving had to be done.
The US/Mexico border is about a 10 hour drive from home. So a lot of driving had to be done. It was rather long, but with family, it was a nice time to catch up.

Upon entering Tijuana, we decided to have breakfast since we were pretty hungry. We met Sergio, the owner of Carbonetics, at the nice little restaurant we decided to have breakfast at. Being a Mexican myself, we had no issues with language. I am thankful that my parents taught me Spanish as a child. It has come in handy on a lot of occasions, that day being one of them. Sergio does speak English though. Anyway, Sergio led us to his workshop and it was a site to see for sure.

This is the workshop that Sergio and his crew worked in. It’s rather big.

He had so many parts and his quality is very high! I enjoyed the walk around he gave me. One of the parts that I unfortunately did not picture, was a trophy truck body. It was for a Ford Raptor trophy truck, and it was awesome. I hope to one day visit again, and maybe help out!

Right away, we started working because I was only spending one day there. Valance3

The making of the valance plug (the plug is needed to make the mold) involved having an original Focus ST rear valance. The ST valance clips right into the N/A Focus hatchback with no issue. Since the sedan is elongated, we needed to also make the valance longer.  We had to cut the valance on both sides to make it longer.Valance4


So, this involved a lot of custom fabricating as you can see with the above pictures. It was so fun and I could already picture what it would look like.


The step above was the last step, and we let it dry. Then we removed the valance, installed my stock valance, and then got on to my RS vents!


We measured 4 times and cut once. Mike still gives me crap for this, but we placed them a bit higher on the hood than normal. Honestly, to me it ended up looking WAY better. The functionality might be affected a bit, but I’m sure they still dissipate heat like the vents on the original RS and Ken Block’s TrackSTer.


Watching this happen before my eyes was so nerve wracking, but with the steady and precision hands of Sergio’s buddy, I had nothing to worry about.

This is Sergio, his crew, and I. Sergio is the guy second to the right and I with the black shirt. They were all a great group of guys!


After all was said and done, the next few months of waiting were brutal. Around the same time that the Focus was received from Ford, was when the valance got there. I tried it on, and it had a few issues with fitment. Being as impatient as I am, I painted it. Since I had part number 1 of X, I knew it would not be perfect. I sent the pictures to Mike and left it, for a while. I then grew tired of the two gaps, and fixed it myself. Boy oh boy! It was worth it! I put tape on the bumper, sanded the edges of the valance, attached it to the bumper, and used a “duraglass” Bondo to fill in the gaps. I then sanded the Bondo down and fit the valance a few times before I finally sanded the rest of the valance and painted it a second time. After wet sanding and polish, it looked fantastic! The rest of the post will mainly be eye candy.




I almost forgot to mention, that mine had a true carbon fiber wrap, since I was willing to travel so far. Also, I now have a full ST exhaust with the help of Dallas and his welder! (Thanks bro!)



Another thing, my wheels got powdercoated! I decided that my theme would go great with gloss black. I was able to get an awesome deal through Les Schwab tires, even though they mistakenly quoted me a low price. Luckily they met me in the middle, and my total was $200 even.


The last shot of the car brings me to Bill’s ride. His is actually of a full ST swap (besides the drivetrain and the absence of a hatch) and it is coming along so beautifully.

ST sedan valance 1

ST sedan valance 2

ST sedan valance 8

His stance on his coilovers looks so awesome! Now that he has an ST rear, it really completes the look! He now has an ST front bumper, ST side skirts, and now the ST rear valance. The valance was all he needed to finish his STedan build. My hat is off to you Bill! You now have the greatest looking Mk3 Focus sedan. If you wanna take a look at his side of the story hit the link below.

To finish off the post, I want to give a thinks to Mike from Rebel Devil Customs, Sergio and the Carbonetics crew, Dallas, and Bill. This has been an awesome project, and I am very glad to have been part of such a cool experience. The blog will be getting more content as the show season starts turning its wheels. Thanks for tuning in, and GodSpeed!



4 thoughts on “Made in Mexico

  1. Sanjeev Ravindran Sunnie says:

    Hey I’m looking for a RDC’sFord Focus sedan bumper valence for my Ford Focus 2015 sedan . Would you have it to fit ?
    I’m based in Australia


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